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[Gundam SEED] Infidelity - My life is burning-- [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
J. C. Eastling

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[Gundam SEED] Infidelity [Dec. 26th, 2006|09:57 pm]
J. C. Eastling
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Title: Infidelity
Fandom: Gundam SEED/Destiny
Genre: Uh...smut? I'm not sure it's exactly a PWP, since there is some plot, though.
Pairings: Primarily Lacus/Cagali, but also Athrun/Kira and references to Athrun/Cagalli and Kira/Lacus.
Requested By: a_white_rain
Rating: NC-17
Wordcount: 3,030
Notes: Set sometime between SEED and Destiny.

"I don't think I'm cut out for parties," Cagalli said as she stepped into through the door and into Kira and Lacus's home. She rubbed absently at one shoulder, relieved to feel the fabric of her sedate jacket underneath it. Last night at the party, her dress had left her shoulders all but bare. "I'm never wearing spaghetti straps again," she muttered.

"I think you looked good," Lacus said, stepping in from the other room. She had a little smile on her face, as if she was hiding something, but then, some days, that seemed to be her default expression. "And I heard you had a good time, too...?" She lifted slender fingers to her mouth and slanted a suggestive glance at Cagalli.

"What?" Cagalli rolled her eyes. "Yeah, shuffling around in a lacy dress while getting stared at by everyone was a great time."

"It wasn't that lacy," Lacus said. "But I heard from Kira that you and Athrun--"

"Kira didn't see anything," Cagalli said hurriedly. It was too late, though; there was a blush rising on her cheeks. Partway through the party, Athrun--looking rather exasperated himself by that point--had noticed how on edge she was. He'd cast a look from side to side, then pulled her behind a doorway, lifted his shades, and very carefully leaned down to kiss her.

The party had still been tedious, but the two of them had been smiling for the rest of it, even when they separated so Cagalli could accept dances from her so-called admirers, politicians all of them.

"...all right," Lacus said. She turned to go back into the living room. Unlike Cagalli, although she had changed out of her clothes from the party, she was still in a dress, and her fair shoulders were even barer than Cagalli's had been last night.

Cagalli followed her without really thinking about it. "What was it you wanted to show me?"

The look on Lacus's face was definitely devious now. "I was going through the security camera footage from the party and I found something I thought you should see." She lifted a remote, hit a button on it, and the TV flashed to life. She pushed another one, and a hallway just outside the main ballroom came into view.

"I guess so," Cagalli said, sitting down next to Lacus. She lifted her gaze to the television screen.

For a moment, the hallway was still and silent save for the distant roar of the main party, and then Kira came into view, Athrun following him, his shades off for the moment. Both had half-empty champagne glasses in their hands.

"Lacus is enjoying herself," Kira said. "I think she's going to go sing for some of the guests. Hey," and he was half-smiling, "I saw you earlier with Cagalli--"

Athrun looked away a little too quickly. It wasn't fast enough; the camera had caught the blush on his face. But maybe it was just because he'd been drinking. "We'd just gotten tired of the noisy room, that's all." He downed the rest of his champagne, then set the glass on an endtable. "We had to duck outside for a moment."

"Lacus," Cagalli said, "I'm not sure we should be watching this."

"Shh," Lacus said, lifting a finger to Cagalli's lips. The sudden touch was a strange shock. "Just watch and listen." Her eyes were strangely bright, and there was something dancing behind them.

On the television screen, Kira slanted Athrun an amused look over the rim of his champagne glass. "If that's what you say." He finished his drink and set the glass down next to Athrun's.

"It is," Athrun said, lifting his chin. There was a pause, as he peered down at Kira's amused face. Absently, he put a hand on Kira's shoulder. "What's so funny?"

"I think you should go out there," Kira said, "take her for a dance, and kiss her right there in front of everybody."

Athrun looked down, although he did not take his hand from Kira's shoulder. "You know I can't do that."

"Lacus and I will do the same," Kira added.

"What, kiss Cagalli?" Athrun said indignantly. He was a bit drunk, but then, so was Kira.

"No!" Kira was laughing a little now. "Each other. Unless you want...?"

Athrun said nothing, but he was blushing again.

"We could kiss each other instead," Kira suggested, his eyes too bright.

"What?" Athrun's response was immediate and outraged. "What makes you think of these things?"

"Like you haven't thought about it too!"

Cagalli's face was hot. Lacus merely sat and watched raptly.

"I haven't thought about it," Athrun declared. "I--I--I'll do it," and then he grabbed Kira, pulled him close, and kissed him hard.

After a surprisingly long moment, Kira pulled away. "Again?" he suggested.

And that was when Cagalli remembered she was capable of standing. She leapt out of her seat. "That son of a bitch! That jerk!"

The first thing Lacus did was pause the security footage. Then she stood. "What's wrong?"

"What do you mean, what's wrong?" Cagalli was sure it was anger that made her face so red. "I was out there dancing with obnoxious old men, and my boyfriend was kissing my brother!"

Lacus clasped her hands together in front of her chest and blinked. "So?"

Cagalli really didn't understand Lacus sometimes. "He was cheating on me!"

"I think it's more complicated than that," Lacus said. "They were thinking of us, and that--"

"Right now," Cagalli said, striding for the door, "I'm thinking of him too. And as soon as I can him, I'm going to tell him just what--"

But before Cagalli could even think to curse Coordinator reflexes, Lacus was right behind her, slipping those delicate hands of hers around Cagalli's waist to rest lightly on her abdomen. "Wait," she said. "Don't go."

Cagalli realized that, inexplicably, she was already very wet between her legs--had she been so since she saw Athrun and Kira kiss, or since Lacus had pressed a finger to her lips? And now she was shaking just a little.

"Athrun loves you," Lacus said. "Kira loves me. And they were attracted to each other. Just as you're attracted to me...right?" One of her hands moved up to Cagalli's chest and curled around her breast through the fabric of her jacket and shirt.

Cagalli was very still for a moment, or tried to be. She could feel Lacus's breath soft on the back of her neck, Lacus's breasts up against her back. She wondered at the risk Lacus was taking.

And then she turned abruptly to face Lacus. "That's right," she said. "If he can cheat on me, I can certainly cheat on him."

"That wasn't what I meant--" Lacus began, but then she was being pushed back towards the couch. Cagalli took her chin between one thumb and middle finger and lifted her head, then pressed her mouth to Lacus's throat, and all Lacus could say was, "Oh, oh."

"No, it's what I mean," Cagalli said, and maybe she was planning on saying more, but the softness of Lacus's skin beneath her lips distracted her. She touched her tongue to the beat of Lacus's pulse, and for a moment, she lost sight of her resentment and felt only warmth.

Then Lacus pulled back from her, smiling too freely, and picked up the remote again. She unpaused the footage. On the screen, Kira grabbed hold of Athrun's waist, and Athrun pushed him up against the wall and kissed him again. It was longer this time and messier, and when they parted, their lips were wet.

Lacus stepped back towards the couch, stretching a hand out to Cagalli.

"But--" Athrun began, on the screen.

Cagalli didn't hear the rest because she threw herself at Lacus. The two of them staggered back and landed, mercifully, on the couch. Lacus's dress was rumpled up around her thighs, leaving her legs almost bare as she lifted one to tuck it around one of Cagalli's.

Cagalli slipped a hand to the back of Lacus's head and leaned in to kiss her. It lasted longer than she'd thought it would. When she pulled away, up on the television screen, Athrun was kissing eagerly along Kira's neck. It almost took her breath away, but she had a feeling by now that anger was only a part of that. She leaned down to kiss Lacus once more, but this time Lacus's mouth opened beneath hers, and her tongue came up to meet Cagalli's. The kiss so distracted Cagalli that when Lacus put her hands up against her shoulders, it took Cagalli a moment to realize that she was sliding off her jacket.

Cagalli pulled away from Lacus, although slowly, shrugging the jacket the rest of the way off. "Where's Kira," she said, and she found herself a bit embarrassed at how breathy her voice was. "He isn't here, is he?"

"No," Lacus said, smiling up at her, her eyes a little dreamy. "He went out."

Cagalli glanced up at the screen, where Athrun now had Kira pushed up against the wall. She couldn't see Athrun's face at this angle, but Kira's was flushed and pleased. "Probably making out with my boyfriend again," she said. She pushed Lacus down into the cushions of the couch (at which the other woman made a pleased little noise) and leaned down to press kisses into the crook of her neck, then down to her shoulder.

When she reached the fabric of Lacus's dress, she tugged at it futilely for a moment, her thoughts no longer quite clear, until Lacus twisted to pull her arm out of the dress and start slipping it down her body. Cagalli barely had time to register the sight of Lacus's breasts (perhaps another time she would have been jealous of how perfect they were) before she felt Lacus start to shift beneath her as she wriggled the rest of the way out of the dress. Cagalli bit back a moan and lowered her head to Lacus's chest.

She was almost close enough to lick a nipple when Lacus put a hand on her shoulder to stop her. She tried anyway for a moment, sticking out her tongue as far as possible, but Lacus just pushed her away and giggled. "You should undress too," she said.

Cagalli didn't respond. She was too busy looking at the television screen. Athrun still had Kira up against the wall, and they were terribly close now. Athrun was tonguing Kira's ear--in fact, he looked rather too close to sucking on it.

"Cagalli," Lacus said, "take off your clothes."

Athrun fumbled open the top of Kira's shirt, slid both hands around the curve of his neck, and pulled him close. They froze that way as Lacus paused the footage.

Cagalli turned back to her. She blinked for a moment, then remember to glare. "I can't believe the things they were doing," she began.

But Lacus covered her mouth, this time with her whole hand. "Can you pay attention to what we're doing?" she said. Then she took hold of Cagalli's shirt and started to pull it up over her head. It didn't take Cagalli long to take over from there, and Lacus turned her attention to Cagalli's pants.

When Cagalli kicked her shoes to the floor and yanked off her socks, she tried not to think about how silly it must look, but only of how she was exacting her own form of vengeance on Athrun. But thoughts of Lacus moving beneath her kept distracting her from that train of thought, and beyond them were the thoughts of the heat she'd felt at the sight of Athrun and Kira pressed up against each other--

Fortunately, before she could dwell too long on that, she'd finished undressing and sat naked on the couch save for her underwear. Kneeling next to her and looking very pleased with herself, Lacus pulled her forward for a kiss. Instead, Cagalli took Lacus's lower lip between both of hers and mouthed at it, finally catching it with her front teeth. And that was when Lacus unhooked her bra. For a moment, they were pressed up against each other with nothing in between. Then Lacus pulled away. Without thinking, Cagalli reached out to pull her back.

Lacus smiled at her. "Wait." She picked up the remote again and pushed a button, and once more Athrun and Kira began moving. This done, Lacus lowered her head to the level of Cagalli's chest and began to kiss her breasts in little darting touches that spiraled closer and closer to the center. Lacus's cheek brushed up against already-hard nipples.

On the screen, Kira began laying hard, earnest kisses up and down Athrun's neck, and Cagalli thought she could see marks appearing where her brother's mouth had been. "Bastards," she muttered, her voice tight with what was no longer anger. "I'll--"

Lacus fastened her mouth onto one of Cagalli's breasts and sucked, and Cagalli's threat was cut off, replaced by a sudden helpless squeak.

When Lacus released her, Cagalli didn't even stop to look at the television this time. She grabbed Lacus by the shoulders and pushed her back down. With one hand still on the other woman's shoulder, she reached down to pull off Lacus's underwear, Lacus, not to be outdone, started to pull off Cagalli's.

Cagalli finished first, and even as she wriggled to help slip out of her underwear, she turned her attention back to Lacus's body. She caught sight of Athrun with his hands on Kira's hips now on the screen, but she spared the two of them only a glimpse. Strangely, she was now much more interested in the curves of Lacus's breasts as they spilled back against her chest. Settling her palms flat on Lacus's belly, she tongued one nipple, then pulled it and the areola around it into her mouth.

Lacus made a small noise, not quite the embarrassing squeak Cagalli had made but still not precisely sedate, and stroked her fingers up Cagalli's neck. Her hand came to rest behind Cagalli's head, where she buried her fingers in Cagalli's hair and pushed down. Obligingly, Cagalli drew a little more of Lacus's breast into her mouth and sucked harder. She lifted her hands from the other woman's belly, moving one down to her hip and the other up to cradle her other breast, rubbing absently at the nipple.

Lacus moaned, not bothering to try to hide the sound. Cagalli allowed herself a certain amount of smug satisfaction--right up until she felt Lacus clasp her free hand snugly around the mound between her legs.

Cagalli froze. Lacus's breast slipped out of her mouth. There was no sound save for her quick, shivering breaths, Lacus's slightly deeper ones, and the sound of Kira squeaking. Cagalli found herself curious to know what Athrun was doing to prompt those noises. But she couldn't take her eyes off Lacus.

"Cagalli?" Lacus sounded hesitant for the first time.

And then Cagalli's words came back to her. "Yeah," she said, and she shifted position so she could kiss Lacus as hard as she could.

Lacus responded, not just with her mouth but with her hand below. She slipped two fingers into the remarkable slickness, curling them to stroke Cagalli from the inside. Cagalli arched against her, stifling her moans as she kissed Lacus even more fiercely.

That stopped working when Lacus dipped her thumb into the wetness, then lifted it again to find the nub above. She stroked once just above the clit (Cagalli's mouth slipped away from Lacus's as she arched again, more fully this time, her whole body trembling), twice (Lacus kissed Cagalli's exposed throat, caressing with her lips), three times--

--it was so fast. Cagalli all but keened as she came, burying her face in Lacus's hair to stifle the noise. But she got no rest--Lacus stroked her again and again, bringing her to a flurry of little climaxes--

(something Athrun wasn't very good at; maybe Lacus could teach him)

(why would Lacus teach him that? How absurd, this was to be a secret, wasn't it, and why would she care what Athrun could do for her when she was going to throw him out of her bed for months for what he'd done, right?)

It did, eventually, get to be too much. Cagalli flailed and fell halfway off the couch.

Lacus sat up. "Are you all right?" she asked. She looked rather flushed herself.

"Uhhh," Cagalli said. "I'm fine."

On the television screen, Athrun and Kira had broken away from each other, and Athrun was looking rather awkwardly away from Kira. "We should go...clean up," he said. A beat. "Not together! I'm going to the restroom down the hall to the right, there's another one that way, I think--" And he dashed off.

"They're still going to pay for this," Cagalli said, although a little half-heartedly now.

Lacus, on the other hand, was quite enthusiastic--and still a bit breathless. "Of course they are. With interest. I'll make them let us join next time, you'll see."

Cagalli went very red. "I'm not sure that's the solution..." But the thought was a strangely pleasing one. "I think we should finish this for now."

"Finish?" Lacus blinked at her.

Cagalli pulled herself back up onto the couch. "Yeah." She started to lower her head to Lacus's lap.

Then something on the television screen caught her eye. "Wait a minute," she said. She picked up the remote and rewound the footage just a little bit. "There!"

On the screen, Kira looked away from the departing Athrun--and straight at the camera. For a moment he just grinned. Then he winked.

"What?" Lacus said.

Cagalli looked at her for a long moment. "...it's nothing, I'm sure," she said carefully. She pushed Lacus down again.

After a while, Lacus started to moan and gasp.

The squeak heard earlier, however, remained the province of Kira and Cagalli. It was, perhaps, something to do with genetics. There would no doubt be a time when they could discuss it later. Lacus would make sure of that.

[User Picture]From: train_diskense
2006-12-27 05:40 am (UTC)
YAY FOURSOMES!!!!!!!!! ^^ This is the best late-christmas present ever. And I AM considering it as such. Soso hot.
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[User Picture]From: annwyd
2006-12-27 05:47 am (UTC)
Well, it was technically written as part of a holiday giftfic meme?

I'm glad you liked it. :)
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[User Picture]From: gothikbutterfly
2006-12-27 01:19 pm (UTC)
Mwahaha. That was awesome.
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[User Picture]From: annwyd
2006-12-27 08:39 pm (UTC)
Thanks. :)
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2006-12-29 09:12 am (UTC)




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